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Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms and Conditions
Prompt payment in full requested when the repair has been completed.
I accept Cash and direct payment by bank transfer.
Any parts specially ordered must be paid for and cannot be returned for credit.

Workmanship Guarantee
I guarantee all my work with our Common Sense warranty. You expect a job to be done properly and our parts to be suitable for the job and last a reasonable amount of time, as is your right. Therefore if there is any aspect you are unhappy about, then get in touch and we will discuss how to resolve your issue amicably. Similarly, I would not expect you to ask me to be responsible for damage caused by accidents, carelessness and off-road excursions, with over 30 years of experience you do get to know if it is accident damage rather than mechanical failure.

Extra Charges if needed
There is a minimum charge/callout of £10.00 which is not added to the bill if labour of the repair is more than £20.00.
There may be a travel charge for outside the working area. Then there is a charge of £1/mile for total mileage. Example 20 miles = £20.00
If your bicycle is in a dirty condition there may be a charge for cleaning to allow for closer inspection of the frame and components.
All website prices are for labour only, parts will be charged as extra.

Due to the nature of the business, and keeping on time for appointment’s, there is a chance of running late. I will contact you to keep you informed.
I will warrant that all work will be done to a professional standard and any defective work will be corrected free of charge to the customer. Work will be guaranteed for 30 days, subject to appropriate use. The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear.

Working conditions
I will carry out all work with the minimum disruption to the customer. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that there is a suitable and safe place to work on the bike. If no suitable premises are available, I will take the bikes to my workshop to repair.
Where the service is required to be carried out indoors, I will take reasonable precautions to protect any floor coverings, decorations and furnishings from damage.
The work place provided must be free from children and animals to avoid any accidents or injuries.
I am not obliged to offer any service in a place where there is a Health and Safety risk.

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